Northwest Junior Collegiate Wrestling Association
HISTORY: What's happened at the club

“Portland Metropolitan Wrestling Association” was formed in 1971, following a discussion with (5) different leagues to organize a support organization to help facilitate friendly organized tournaments for the wrestlers in the area. The original club philosophy was to provide support for the Portland Metropolitan Area. Originally only clubs from this region were allowed to join. Eventually this grew into southwest Washington and other Oregon organizations joining the club.

On January 29th 2005 at our 2005 ribbon tournament, I sat down with Co-Founder Marvin Lofland to learn some very interesting history of the Northwest Junior Collegiate Wrestling Association. This was a very insightful discussion with Marvin and really appreciated hearing the history of the club. I hope to eventually gather old photographs and documents from the history of the organization. When I do, I will post these to the website.

The original club name was "Portland Metropolitan Wrestling Association." They started the organization in 1971 with 5 participating clubs. This would make the club over 3 decades old (34 years today). CONGRATULATIONS to the organization founders for so many years of dedicated service to this wonderful organization and the sport of wrestling. We hope to see many years to come.

1971 - Club "Portland Metropolitan Wrestling Association" was established with Kit Cody, President and John Clancy, Vice President.

1. Pals (Police Athletic Club) Boys Club (Kit Cody)
2. Columbia Boys Club (John Clancy)
3. USA Wrestling (Marc Sprague)
4. Peninsula Wrestling (Roy Pittman)
5. Scappoose Wrestling Club (Marvin Lofland)

1972 - Club had their first wrestling tournament with Dual Matching. This was an OPEN tournament with participants from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. They started on Friday Night at 4:00pm and then continued again on Saturday. Marvin said that they went until 12:00am on Saturday to get through all the wrestlers. NWJCWA used the Amateur Athletic Association as the sponsoring Agency.

1978 - Club adopted the White/Yellow/Blue card system.

1978 - League split into two different organizations.

* PMWA only wanted to recognize Oregon wrestlers and felt the organization was getting too large
* NWJCWA was organized with Washington and Oregon wrestlers. There were approximately 12-14 wrestling organizations included.
* 1979 - PMWA dissolved and some clubs returned to NWJCWA
* New President was now Marvin Lofland who continued from 1978 until 1990
* League Scholarship was started
* 1990 - Present, Art Reynolds became the president of the club and is currently acting in this position.

NWJCWA Championship Tournament HISTORY

1972 - 1984 Championship Tournament was held in Scappoose. The state tournament eventually outgrew this facility and needed to be moved.
1985 - 1986 Tournament was then held in Forest Grove at Pacific University
1987 - 1995 The tournaments then moved to Clackamas
1996 - Present Tournament is now held at David Douglas and can accommodate the large number of wrestlers and fans that fill the seats.