Northwest Junior Collegiate Wrestling Association

If you’re interested in becoming a member of NWJCWA, you must meet the following requirements.

1. Must be sponsored by a league member in good standing
2. You must have a representative of your club attend the monthly meetings
3. Once you are accepted as a member by the current membership, complete the membership signup form and abide by the bylaws of the NWJCWA
4. Must be a charter member of USA Wrestling
5. All new members will be placed on a one year probationary period
6. Membership clubs are required to help man tournament tables, referee, and help to make the tournaments run as smoothly as possible

For more information, Please contact your club representative, Art Reynolds at (503) 647-2889 or Cathy Peters at (503) 365-8680.


Thanks for the great tournaments so far. Those clubs with tournaments scheduled or plan to hold one in the future, (link) get it sanctioned. You can download the request form from our website or contact Cathy Peters who is in contact with Tony Jones with Oregon’s USA Wrestling to make sure you have your sanction forms turned in…Don’t delay. It is IMPERITIVE that the tournaments be sanctioned. Tony Jones’ number is: 541-396-7189. If you are in Washington, you can contact Chuck Bullard with Washington’s USA Wrestling. His phone number is 360-297-8494.

There has been much discussion regarding the bracketing of kids at our league tournaments. Here are some tips:

1. Coaches remember to talk to your wrestling parents and remind them that these tournaments are viewed as an extension of Practice. This is an invaluable opportunity for new and more experienced wrestlers to gain tournament and match experience. If your wrestlers want to compete for medals or national recognition there are Open tournaments available.
2. Your wrestler MUST be present, their card in the bracketing room, and on the table prior to start of bracketing at 9:00am. This means your wrestler may not get a match if their card is not ON the table when bracketing and writing is done. Coaches, although we TRY REALLY HARD (and usually succeed) to get late wrestlers into the tournament, your wrestlers need to be ON TIME.
3. Make sure your wrestler is at the weight and EXPERIENCE LEVEL that is indicated on his/her card. Please double check the card to verify that the weight and birth year are in the appropriate place.
4. Use a plus (+) or minus (-) on your wrestlers card to facilitate pairings.
5. NO SANDBAGGING. Win all three matches previous week, move up a color; lose all three- move down a color. The goal is as much equitable wrestling as possible.
6. Coaches ONLY turn in cards. Coaches only in bracket room until writers are needed.
7. Brackets of mixed colors or ages MUST be Okayed by coaches. Suggestion was to have coaches sign the back of the bracket. Then TELL YOUR WRESTLERS what age group they are wrestling that day if different than normal. Remember: White Card can wrestle yellow, yellow can wrestle blue, and there can be a 5 lb weight difference without coach approval. White is NOT to wrestle blue without prior approval. This is strictly enforced.
8. Have meetings with your club parents more than once a year so they understand how a tournament is suppose to function, GOOD displays of sportsmanship, and educate them how to help at the tables.